Peter Lehmann, The Black Queen, Sparkling Shiraz, Barossa, Australia
Three Choirs Rose

Rothley Vineyards, Gundog

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Made at Rothley vineyards in Leicestershire, and a really interesting wine. This was made with skin contact for extra body and texture, so is technically an 'orange wine'.

The owner's pointer is a valued member of the vineyard team, with a job description, hence the name!

The wine made from 100% Orion grapes is pale lemon in colour, with autumn forest aromas and notes of ripe grapefruits with lime and a hint of sherbet. Tangy, giving a bite on the foretaste, similar to a dry riesling. Spicy notes of white pepper on the lingering aftertaste. A complex, musky wine that is crisp and refreshing.

Best Served chilled at 8°C in a decanter and swirled prior to serving to release the spicy aromas and set tails wagging.