Gourmet Chef Hamper 2023

Type: Hamper
SKU: KIT-Gourmet Chef 2023

Carefully selected from Delilah's offerings, we've curated the highest-quality ingredients that have become “must haves” Our basket is thoughtfully filled with gourmet treasures, rare and essential ingredients, all designed to bring delight to enthusiastic cooks and food aficionados!

  • Cool Chile Habanero Whole
  • Farina 00 Guacci Flour 1kg
  • OEA Dukkah 90g
  • Garlic Farm Black Garlic Bulbs
  • SA Sauce Wild Mushroom 28g
  • Honest Toil Olive Oil
  • Bomba Paella Rice in Sack 250g
  • Odysea Date Molasses 250ml
  • Small Bamboo Tray
Contents may vary subject to availability.  Substitutions will be of an equivalent quality and value.