Arabica Shade Dried Limes 40g

SKU: 13304

Like fresh limes, just without the juice. Shade dried limes, also known as dried white limes or dried Persian limes, infuse sauces with complex citrus flavours and subtle fermented notes.

Shade dried limes are made from ripe, green limes, left to dry in the sun until their skin to turns hard and they develop delicate, fermented notes. The drying period is not as long as with black limes, so they remain a lighter shade and are able take on the colour of the food they are cooked in.

Other names for dried white limes include limoo amani and noomi basra.

  • Delivers sharpness and fragrance to rice dishes, marinades, meat and fish rubs, stocks and stews
  • Pierce or crack open before adding them to a rice dish or tagine so that the hot liquids penetrate deep into the fruit and bring out the flavour
  • Steep half a lime with honey in boiling water for a caffeine free drink
  • Ground dried lime is great in a quinoa salad