Arabica Urfa Chilli Flakes 30g

SKU: 12940

Urfa pepper or urfa chilli flakes – isot biber in Turkish  is a uniquely flavourful pepper.

The red peppers are ripened to a rich purple colour on the plant, then sun-dried during the day, and wrapped tightly at night to force the peppers to 'sweat', which naturally increases the richness of the peppers.

These small, dark crimson coloured flakes from the Turkish Isot chilli pepper are sweet and fruity with a smokey, mild chilli kick with a hint of citrus. 

  • Sprinkle over breakfast eggs, salads, roasted vegetables
  • Add to soups and stews for a richer, fuller flavour
  • Most famously used in çiğ köfte, heavily spiced patties made from raw mincemeat and bulgur wheat, and lahmacun, a baked flat bread made with minced lamb
  • We love using them as an alternative to black pepper