The Liberator Episode 28 – All This Untamed Beauty, Pinot Noir


Episode 28 is a parcel of Pinot Noir, presented to Rick as an unlabelled, but bottled wine in March 2020 by Rianie Strydom of Strydom Vineyards. It spent 10 months in older barriques before being bottled in January 2016, a good four years before the Cape Crusader uncovered it.

It is a very pretty Pinot. Feminine, which echoes the winemaker. Rick went even as far as to write ‘Chambolle’ in his notes… This got him musing over the defining qualities of Pinot Noir. Described by some as the ‘holy grail’ of winemaking, it remains an obstinate grape; fickle and hard to civilise. A gypsy. Beautiful, but hard to tame.

We have just 6 bottles of this beauty.