Delilah Favourites Hamper 1 2024

Type: Hamper
SKU: KIT-Favourites 1 2023

Curated from an array of treasures sourced from numerous suppliers, we proudly present the crème de la crème, handpicked by none other than our valued customers. This exceptional selection showcases the top-selling, widely adored, and most sought-after products thoughtfully united within a single, diverse hamper.

  • INESSENCE Truffle crisps 125g
  • OEA Dukkah 90g
  • Honest Toil Olive Oil 500ml
  • Tenuta Bronze Draw Paccheri Rigati 500g
  • Booja Booja Fine De Champagne Truffle 92g
  • C&B Gouda Cheese Melts 75g
  • Bread Tree Explosivo 90g
  • Nojo Japanese Teriyaki Sauce 200g
  • Tenuta Sicilian Choc/Hazelnut Cannoli 150G
  • Filberts Mexican Sweet Chilli 100g
  • Teonis Maple & Pecan Cookies 300g
  • Balsamico Fig 150ml
  • Grannys Ajvar 200g
  • Black Liq Co Liquorice More Sorts 165g
  • Calico Threes A Crowd Barrel Bar 90g
  • Don Antonio Sugo Basilico 500g
  • Ludlow Spicy Carrot Relish 300g
  • Thursday Cottage Cherry Curd 310g
  • Bomba Paella rice in Sack 250g
  • OEA Chilli puffs 151g
  • OEA Rhubarb & Orange Dressing 250ml
  • Safronsa Paella Seasoning Sachets
  • Marinera Savoury Ship Biscuits-EVOO 200g
  • Coffee Dunkers Zesty Lemon & Ginger 150g
  • Randys Korean Sauce 250ml
  • Hwks Black Garlic Ketchup 230ml
  • Perello Manzanilla Olives 350g
  • Lottie Shaw Ind Yorkshire Parkin 85g
  • Bon Bon Luxury Fruit Jellies 150g
  • Whitebox Pocket Negroni 21.8%abv
  • Three Choirs Classic Cuvee
  • Primitivo, I Muri, Puglia
  • Franklin & Sons Tonic water 200ml
  • 6 O Clock Gin 43% 5cl
  • 22inch Wicker Hamper
  • Contents may vary subject to availability.  Substitutions will be of an equivalent quality and value.