Ploughman's Platter

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Everyone loves a Ploughman's! This is the perfect Ploughman’s selection along with all the classic accompaniments. 

Our Platter includes:
Creamy Cropwell Beauvale Approx. 40g
Beauvale creamy blue cheese by Cropwell Bishop has been carefully developed for its soft melt-in-the-mouth texture and mellow flavour 
Double Barrel Lincolnshire Poacher Approx. 40g
Earthy and powerful taste that is nuttier than a mature cheddar with overtones of an aged alpine cheese
Baron Bigod Approx. 40g
 Perfectly balances rich decadent butter and smooth earthy mushroom
Thick cuts of Alderton Marmalade Ham Approx. 40g
Succulently sweet ham with smokey undertones
Duo of Chutney's
1lb Locally Sourced Pork Pie
A selection of Cornichons, Balsamic Onions and Olives
A Welbeck Focaccia Flatbread
A selection of Crackers
Apple to be sliced
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