Delilah Favourites Cheese Board


Christmas Cheese Board made easy! Delilah has put together seasonal favourites to create the perfect tasting. Choose between Small Board (150g per cheese) and Large Board (250g per cheese) 

A Blue: Stichelton - An incredible unpasteurised version of Stilton made close to home in Worksop 

A Cheddar: Lincolnshire Poacher Vintage - Matured for a minimum of 12 months, it has a rich, strong, savoury taste. Perfect for people who love their cheese to have a really big flavour.

A Soft: Vacherin Mont Dor - Between October (late September if we are lucky) and April, we have the pleasure of the company of a unique cheese. Made from rich, alpine milk, melt in your mouth, unctuous and truly amazing cheese.

A Hard: Thomas Hoe Red Leicester - A traditional Red Leicester which has a deep caramel flavour, its natural red colour looks great  on a cheese board.

A Sheeps: Wigmore - A velvety and fragrant, traditionally made, ewes milk cheese matured for 6 weeks. When ripe, it is really delicate and slightly sweet with a texture of vanilla ice cream.

A Goats: Rachel - A semi-hard goats cheese from the White Lake creamery, with wonderful citrusy flavours.