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The Liberator, Rieslings to be Cheerful

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Calitzdorp is not the logical place to go hunting for Riesling, but here is another potential ‘hit’ that came out of Rick’s world tour of the Cape in March 2020, just prior to lockdown.

The still-fermenting juice was presented to Rick by Margaux Nel of Boplaas, from grapes she and her partner, Leon had sourced from an apple farmer in Elgin. Rick noted that it tasted ‘promising’…

Fermented to dryness and with no cold stabilisation, the wine may well throw what the Germans might refer to as weinstein, meaning ‘wine stone’ which refers to the harmless crystals of potassium bitartrate which are a bi-product of fermentation. Rick says these ‘tartrate crystals’ should be viewed as a sign of quality, as they occur naturally in the wine.

Deliciously fresh with lime and lemon fruit and a floral edge to the bouquet.

The title has become something of a mantra for Rick, recited to those who are yet to pronounce Riesling correctly. ‘It’s not Riiiizling, proclaims Rick. It’s Riesling. Remember, Rieslings to be cheerful, Rieslings to be cheerful…’