The Team

Pulling the strings: 

Sangita – Proprietor

Sangita Tryner - Owner - Delilah Fine Foods


To say my background definitely lacks deli-ness, being Indian but born and brought up in the depths of Wales, is probably an understatement but none the less it is true. I didn’t discover my food addiction until well into my 20’s and it is definitely a habit I’m not likely to kick: it is what I live, sleep and breathe. Delilah is my first baby (my boys, Rhys and Owein came afterwards!), and it is probably the most all-consuming. It is definitely part of my sole and is the best way I can express my passion for all things precious – quality, service and enjoyment

          Rick – Financial Guru & Wine Buyer (oh yeah and husband)

Rick Tryner - Delilah Fine Foods - Wine Guru


Rick is our director of commercial sense, he keeps our feet on the ground and points us in the right direction when our mad passion-driven ideas get a bit too driven, and generally ‘keeps it real’! His speciality is keeping our meetings on track when we fly off at foodie-tangents. Equally importantly, and much more fun, he is also our wine buyer, with 20 years’ experience of the wine industry, using his knowledge to put together a range that not only excites but educates the drinker. His forte is discovering small growers and producers working with rare and rediscovered varietals to produce quirky, delicious and original wines that represent great value!

Fern - Front of House Manager & Technical Whizz

Ollie - Front of House Manager & Deli Queen

Leo - Kitchen Manager & Token Italian

 In the thick of it:

If I’m really honest Delilah staff are the most important part to Delilah’s success, our regulars call us the ‘Cheers Bar’ of the deli world, with many of them having to be kicked out well after closing time. Our crew are knowledgeable and exceedingly friendly and nothing is too much trouble. I am proud to say every-one of them live, love and breathe food. They all have their areas of expertise and relish the opportunity to impart their knowledge to anyone who is interested in listening.