The Deli


Nik and Sangita holding artisan deli items in front of the deli counter

We aim to reclaim the word ‘delicatessen’ from the plethora of sandwich bars and take-aways that so abuse it!

A traditional delicatessen, Delilah is packed floor to ceiling with exceptional foods and drinks: freshly baked breads; self-serve oils; over 150 cheeses, plus meat and charcuterie from around the world; 200 plus wines; honey, chutneys, jams and condiments; many wine made right here in the East Midlands.

Delilah echoes the shopping experience of a past era when food was real and fresh, and produced in local areas by local people; not manufactured, mass produced and filled with additives & preservatives.

A bunch of salami hanging above the deli counter at Delilah Fine Foods Nottingham

Our products, sourced from small artisan producers both locally and further afield, reflect our commitment to providing authentic, flavoursome produce to excite and inspire the palate. All our products have provenance: a ‘home’ and a story of quality and origin to tell.

The Delilah shopping experience is enhanced by the numerous tastings always offered throughout the store and by our ‘try-before-you-buy’ service on the cheese, meats and pate counters. Our knowledgeable team need little encouragement to wax lyrical about this cheese or that coffee bean, but ultimately the ‘proof is in the pudding’, and tasting is the best way for our producers to ‘talk’ to our customers.

Our exclusive wine range has been selected with passion and expertise to offer some of the most exciting wines available in each region, both traditional and avant-garde, and impresses the most committed of connoisseurs.