The Liberator Episode 34 – New Blood and Chocolate

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Blood and chocolate
I hope you’re satisfied what you have done
You think it`s over now
But we’ve only just begun
I asked for water
And they gave me rosé wine…

Rick’s a long-standing Elvis fan. That’s Elvis Costello, of course.

The title for Episode 22 ‘Blood and Chocolate’, was inspired by Costello’s 1986 album. It’s an album bursting with anger, full of frustration and resentment, delivered with passion. His songs are about obsessive love and infidelity; nowhere more potently than in the track I want You.

The wine itself was a mature parcel from the 2003 vintage sourced from Nederburg in Paarl. When this similar parcel presented itself early in 2021, Rick decided it would make a suitable sequel to the original release, hence the addition of ‘new’ to the title.