The Liberator, All the Wounded Creatures, Mal Bek - 250ml can

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When roughly translated from Afrikaans, mal bek refers to someone with a ‘bad’ or ‘crazy mouth’.  It’s not meant or used as a derogative term. One would use it with affection to describe someone suffering from ‘verbal diarrhoea’. Rick can instantly think of several candidates who would easily qualify.

The wine is bold and rich, expressive of aromatic bramble with a distinct floral lift and warm spiced notes on the nose. The palate is full with velvety tannins, bags of creamy black fruit balanced by a crunchy freshness.

So why cans? Where do we start:

Sustainability: it takes far less energy to make an aluminium can, than a glass bottle. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Not only that, but cans are lighter and more compact than bottles, and far more efficient to transport. That's a double whammy when it comes to carbon footprint. There's no plastic capsule, and no cork, plastic or otherwise.

Quality: as lovers of craft beer will know, new canning technologies have made the humble can the best possible vessel for artisan product. There is no risk of cark taint. For wines made to be drunk young (95% of all wine) this is the perfect vessel.

Convenience: 2 glasses in a tin. Open any time, without having to think about finishing the bottle. Great for picnics, sporting occasions and outdoor use (no broken glass!), it'll even fit in your handbag! Anytime anyplace anywhere!