Eglantine Vineyard, North Star

SKU: 2704

North Star is a multi international award-winning dessert wine, with a wonderful fruity bouquet, a smooth silky feel in the mouth and a superb, multi-faceted flavour, comprising elements of apricot, mango and marmalade.

 Judges particularly comment on the beautiful balance of acidity and sweetness, which makes this a truly exceptional wine. Makes a great concluding statement to a special meal. Sold in a specially-designed gift presentation box

North Star is made by hand picking the best grapes in the best years only and hence has only been made 6 times in the last 18 years. It is a Delilah Legend, a wine we have carried for more than 15 years (when we can get it!)

This is made using no animal products, it is vegetarian and vegan. Contains sulphites.